Layered Protection on Vehicles by National Theft Search & Recovery

2 februari 2017 - Pennsylvania, Verenigde Staten

National Theft Search and Recovery (NTSR) is a private company that offers a Vehicle Plate Recognition and Theft Recovery services.

The Different layers of Protection:

The more the number of protective layers on a vehicle, greater is the extent of protection offered to it. How many layers of protection are required for a vehicle depends on the geographic location, personal preference and budget of the clients.

Layer No.1 (Window Stickers)

The first layer of protection for the vehicle is a sign that warns the thief that additional anti-theft has been placed on the vehicle with police tracing ability. Stopping a theft from occurring before it happens is the best way to recovery any vehicle.

  • Warning Stickers
  • Visible to Thieves
  • On driver side and passenger side windows
  • Directly above the door key lock
  • Layer No.2 (Decals)

The second protective layer of your vehicle is non removable identifying system. Many times the VIN number provided by the vehicle manufacturer is removed by the thief but our decals can help in such a case. By placing decals in multiple areas around your vehicle you are marking your vehicle with our unique identifying system. Even when removed, our decals leave behind a chemical that is transferred to your vehicle permanently marking it with your assigned identifying number. Although this is invisible to the naked eye, under ultra violet lighting it will illuminate allowing law enforcement to see which they can use for tracing purposes.

  • Theft deterrent decals
  • Permanently marking Vehicle
  • Invisible to the naked eye
  • Body etching

Layer No.3 (VPR Tracking)

We, at National Theft Search & Recovery offer the VPR tracking service. This is similar to the software that helps in face recognition. This is used by FBI to offer protection from the terrorists or to know the identity of the perpetrators by matching the facial features.

If a vehicle is stolen, we scan for the number on the license plate of a vehicle in order to know the last GPS location with the help of the latitude and longitude coordinates. We offer decals of 2 types, that is the “identification marker on vehicle” and the “theft deterrent decal.” If a vehicle is stolen then our decal can hasten the procedure of informing vehicle owner by giving to the law enforcement, a phone number in order to contact the vehicle owner.

  • Plate Readers
  • Photo confirmation and latitude/longitude location
  • Used by law enforcement
  • All vehicles are covered that are registered to address

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    great points.